Throw a Swanky Cocktail Party

This week, we bring on a surprisingly high-end guest, Percy Rodriguez, who has worked in wine, cocktails, and mixology with some pretty impressive chefs, including Mario Batali and Laurent Tourondel. With Percy’s cocktail guidance, we dive into the grown-up world of luxurious liquors and talk about the finer points of hosting a real swanky-ass cocktail party. This ain’t your college kegger, folks…this is the adult AF version of drinks with your friends, and there’s a lot to consider if you want to cocktail right.

In this week’s show notes, we’ve got four cocktail recipes–three amazing drinks from Percy, and also one from Ryan, who is, you know, fine, but not a professional–and we also have a link to a Spotify playlist we put together for your next adult AF cocktail night!

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