Welcome to Adult Harder, the Best and Most Important Podcast in History

Two Very Big-Time and Important college professors give lessons on how to adult, covering everything from how to de-stress like a grown-up to growing your own vegetables like a boss. Strap in your ears and get ready to be adult AF.

Clayton Smith

Clayton is a professional adult and has been for, like, 20 years or something. He’s the author of a lot of books, some of which have actually been read by actual people. He teaches in a real-life college classroom, and his preferred napping spot is couch. He’s almost certainly taller than you, but in a super approachable way, you know? Oh, and he owns his own house, #brag.

Ryan Smith

Ryan is a real piece of work! He’s not entirely sure how he got roped into this project, but now that he’s here, he might as well enjoy it. Ryan is pretty good at Red Dead Redemption 2, and when he’s not yelling at Clayton about being bad at podcasting, he likes to have starring contests with his cat, Benny. Ryan is also a college professor, because life is like Outback Steakhouse: no rules, just right.

They are not related.