Be a Better Valentine. Or Don’t. We Don’t Really Care.

[FAIR WARNING, this episode gets more explicit than most, in some really strange and surprising ways. But don’t blame us. Blame our guest.]

Valentine’s Day is pretty much the worst, and anyone who likes it is dumb. That said, we’ve got some great tips on how to be a better Valentine, and we also have a thing or two to say about the traditional V-Day practice of beating virgins with goat skins. Those Romans, man. They were into some kinky stuff. 

And hey, if you don’t have a Valentine’s date yet, don’t worry! We talk with our good friend Lisette Medina, who has a lot of really super advice on how to use dating apps, including a lot of really super examples of why you should completely and totally avoid dating apps at all cost. Look, we’ll just say it: This episode gets a little weird.

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